Welcome to Kick Glass Art Studio. My name is Donna Slevin and I have been a glass artist for 35 + years. My passion began in my early 20’s after taking a beginners class. Unfortunately the instructor moved south shortly after I took my 3rd class and I was on my own. With passion ignited I continue to learn, mostly through trial and error, but I’m grateful that I was so excited and never gave up.

After hearing about fused glass I bought a kiln and added fused glass to my portfolio. By this time the internet and FaceBook were a thing and I found all the information I needed to begin. I joined many Facebook Stained Glass and Fused Glass Groups and was overwhelmed at the support and information available.

My beloved late husband built me a studio in my basement and I began to teach to a few friends. I realized that I loved teaching and the pure enjoyment I got from seeing someone else feel the same things I felt when I was creating and when I completed a project was equal to my joy at creating something myself.

After I lost my husband to cancer I decided to open a studio outside of my home. I found the perfect location in Cranford NJ. I opened the doors in 2017. My studio was a place to take classes, buy supplies and get support for projects that needed a bit of guidance. I completed many new commissions and historic restorations. I won the honor of creating the 2018 State of NJ gift for visiting dignitaries. I created 50 fused glass dishes to be given out by Governor Murphy to Dignitaries. I created 2 panels that are displayed each year in Addams Fest in Westfield honoring another hometown artist Charles Addams.

Unfortunately Covid-19 shut downs and 2 years on again off again quarantines made it impossible to keep the doors open. However I believe the real reason I decided to open the studio was to teach enough people to do stained glass so when I’m gone it will continue. My greatest success was my students who are now my dear friends.

I have moved on professionally but I still am doing commissions and restorations and selling in local craft shows and gift shops.

If you are interested in a commission or restoration, please reach out. I am still working in my home studio. Best way to reach me is by email at Kickglass@aol.com.