Friday Shards Vol. 1

Welcome to our very first Friday Shards!!  We will be reaching out every Friday with what is going on at Kick Glass Art Studio, and what we’re up to.

Wow!  It was a great week!!  We brought two new vendors into our Gallery this week.

Kathy makes beautiful infinity scarves.  They are light weight, brightly colored and stylish!  Bernadette (aka the Downtown Doodler) is our out new artist.  Her background is graphic design and her is fun, unique and funky!  Welcome artists!!!

Kick Glass is bidding on a large historic reconstruction project in downtown Westfield that will be amazing if the building owner moves forward with the project!  Look for updates…

We are now selling on Facebook and are getting our feet wet over on Etsy.  We’ll let you know when we are up and running.  We can personalize or make special order items also.

August Class Schedule is up and we are working on September, we’ll be updating the class section in the next week..check back.

Thanks again for stopping by!  See ya next week.