Fused Glass Walk-ins

While Kick Glass Art Studio offers classes for all levels, these classes are structured for beginners.  Intermediate, Advanced and One-on-One Instruction are also available. Please view our other class options or contact us to discuss what the best fit is for you.


FUSED GLASS LATERN CLASS  $110  Beginner, 3 hours

This cute lantern is updated with your fused glass design. Put a candle inside and enjoy!





STRINGER DISH  $75  Beginner, 2 Hours

Learn how to make a dish and add bubbles to your design to create a very unique statement piece. Use of tools, glass and fuse included.





BLOSSOM DISH  $50  Beginner, 1 Hour

Make a Seasonal themed dish.  Learn to score glass and add frit for decoration.  Use of tools, glass, fuse included.





CHANGING LEAVES  $75  Beginner, 2 Hours
You choose four colors of coordinating or contrasting glass and learn to cut out the leaves. Mix and match the pieces to created this 8” color block dish. Use of tools, glass and fuse included.





CRANFORD DISH  $75  Beginner, 2 Hours

Using wispy glass, learn to cut glass and rearrange to create this woven look. Frame with complimentary glass to complete this 8” dish. Use of tools, glass and fuse included.





CORDUROY DISH  $75  Beginner, 2 Hours

This 8” dish is created using a clear base and unique textured tiles filled with colored frit of your choice. Use of tools, glass and fuse included.  






POWDER COAT DISH  $75  Beginner, 2 Hours

Learn how to layer power enamels with stencils to create your unique 10” glass dish. Many stencils to choose from. Use of tools, glass and fuse included.





SHATTERED DISH  $75  Beginner, 2 Hours

You will make this colorful 10”x 6” tray by cutting space in your choice of glass. Fill space with nipped and frit to complete.  Use of tools, glass and fuse included.





TREE OF LIFE SUNCATCHER  $65 Beginner, 1 Hour (when you come to pick up after firing, we will show you how to attach. Give yourself 1 hour)

Using a recycled wine bottle and twisted copper wire, create this unusual 8” Tree of Life. Best hung in a window to catch the light. Use of tools, glass and fuse included.





MEZUZAH  $45 Beginner, 1 Hour

Create your own colorful, unique Mezuzah to decorate your home or give as a gift.






RIBBON DISH  $75  Beginner,  2 Hours

Make this fun dish by cutting a gap in a piece of colored glass and fill the gap with stringers.






INSPRIATION PLAQUE  $65  Beginner, 2 Hours

What words inspire you? Create an Inspiration Plaque with those words. We will print them and fire them onto a plague you make.

Stand $2.00 additional, Frame $7.00 additional





JEWEL TONE DISH $65  Beginner, 2 Hours

How did we trap all those bubbles? Come in and find out while making this lovely Jewel Tone dish. Many colors to choose from.





PATCHWORK DISH $65  Beginner, 2 Hours

Create this cute and colorful dish using pre-cut tiles and stacking the tiles on top of each other.






COBBLE DISH  $65  Beginner, 2 Hours

Using multi-colored transparent glass, you will create this dish inspired by cobble stone.






DICHRO PENDANT -2 PCS $45  Beginner, 1 Hour

2 flashy Dichro Pendants you can create. One for you and one for a friend! Comes with a rubber cord.






FUSED GLASS CARD  3pcs $25  Beginner, 1 Hour

Decorate 3 tiles which will be fired and glued onto your card over your choice of colored embossed paper.






Create this unique dish using pre-cut tiles and clear nipped glass. You choose your colors and patterns






Price is per project choice, materials additional. 6 person minimum – 12 person maximum.

Group lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students in stained glass panel or fuse and slumped glass, jewelry, painting on glass, jewelry box or lamp construction. Taught by experienced staff. Included in pricing will be tools, grinders and kiln firing. Call studio to check for availability. Length of lesson will be determined by technique being taught.


• We Fuse ONLY COE 96 glass.

• Materials will be available for purchase at the studio, however you can bring tools you have from home.

• If you can not attend a class we will issue a refund for class costs if notice is received 8 or more days before class date.

• If you can not attend a class we will issue class credit if notice is received within 7 days or less before class date.