Meet the Artist


I  began  my  love  of  glass  sitting  in  church looking at the light reflecting   through the stained glass windows, always  wondering how  something  so  beautiful  could  be  created.  It was in my  early  20’s that  I  took  my  first  stained  glass  class. There was not a lot of information available at the that time so I did  a  lot  of  experimenting.  I never stopped  learning.  I  built and  worked in my  home  studio  for  years  honing  my  skills.  I started  doing  commissions  for  private  homes and teaching friends and family. I have  worked on several historic restorations projects including several in down town Westfield.  I continue to take classes whenever and where ever they are available. In 2010 I bought my first kiln. My  love  of  all  things  glass  blossomed. Warm  glass  changed my entire perspective and vision of what is possible with glass.

Warm  glass  offered  me  the  ability  to  advance  my  creativity. Any  free  time  finds  me  creating works of glass art.  I  am  a  natural  teacher  and  love sharing my craft with others. I have traveled around the world.  Morano in Venice has some of my favorite glass studios.  I also enjoyed visiting old churches  in  Ireland to admire the antique glass windows.  I  spent  many  hours  in  the  Cathedral  of Notre  Dame  studying  the  composition.  I  visited  the  glass flower ceiling of Chihuly in Las Vegas.  I  decided  in  2016  to  open  Kick  Glass  Art  Studio.  I  want  to inspire others to understand that they too can create  beautiful works of art with glass.

Emily Lenox joined our team in May of 2019.  She is a senior at Cranford High School. Emily learned how to work with glass in school where she complete a mosaic project in her junior year art class. She quickly learn how to do stained glass and has completed a few of our class samples. In addition she enjoys fused glass and many of our fused glass class samples are her works of art. Emily is the organizer and instructor for our kids parties and she keeps the kilns firing when at the studio. Among her hobbies outside of the studio are soccer and she is an owner and handler of Tibetan Terrier show dogs. Stop by the studio and you may see her dog Lexi.