What is Kick Glass Art Studio?
Kick Glass Art Studio is an art studio that specializes in Stained Glass and Warm Glass, also called Fused and Slumped Glass. We teach classes in both techniques. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes.  We also specialize in stained glass restoration and new window/door commission.

How does walk-in open studio work? We have a selection of projects, which we have prepared the materials for. You arrive at the studio and choose your project and size. You will receive brief instructions on how to best complete the design. You will then use your creativity to complete your design on your own. Completed project will be fired and available for pick up in 1 week.

What kind of classes do you offer?
We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in fused and stained glass. We have designed projects for our students that teach the skills of glass cutting, compatibility, copper foiling, soldering and firing schedules

What age is most appropriate for your classes? We have prepared materials for kids 8-12 that are designed for this age group. We offer adult classes, 18 and older for classes. We have special classes we offer to 13-18 year olds.

How can I register for class?
Visit our website for registration. Pre-registration is required so that materials and tools will be set up for class.

What supplies do I need?
Kick Glass Art Studio supplies all materials and tools for all walk-in beginner classes. We provide all tools for the Beginner Stained Glass Class, but we do ask that you bring a shoebox to transport your glass home, rubber gloves, a sharpie, and an old t-shirt to protect your clothes. We like you to try before you buy tools. The intermediate and advanced classes will require you to start buying your own tools, unless you are using open studio time to work on your project.

Please feel free to contact us at 908-931-9200 or email donna@kickglassart.com. Like us on Facebook and keep visiting our webpage KickGlassArt.com for events, classes and updates!